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A modern graphic prepress company

There is a lot of elements in a book. These elements are text in many levels, different languages, footnotes, margin texts, poems, quotes, illustrations, tables and images in different shapes and colors.

Efficient handling of structured data and location of such building blocks is our greatest strength. All-approved work processes including programming and high typographic expertise offer the opportunity to create countless books and publications of diverse complexity. The results of our work can be now found on coffee tables in thousands of homes, in lawyer’s offices, on doctor’s shelves and on students desks. We have solidified a position where we produce nearly 4000 books annually for European publishers and public agencies.

Our goal is to be the publishers preferred partner for typesetting and development of new communication technologies. To reach this goal, we focus on technology, development and perfection of the typographical skills. We are already well on our way to realize this visionary goal.
Type-it AS
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